Research network

Scientific Network

In order to realize its goals successfully, the Foundation Focus Biomed integrates internationally renowned heads from the areas of research and science as collaborators and scientific advisors for individual projects.


Ebola drug development

Prof. Dr. Heinz Feldmann, Head of the Laboratory of Virology, National Institutes of Health, USA

Professor Dr. Stephan Becker, Director of the Institute of Virology, Marburg University


Infection-related cancer development

Prof Dr Thomas Rudel, Chair of Microbiology, Biocenter, Würzburg University


Strategic Partnerships

Focus Region Berlin – Some of the most important German research institutions in the field of Infection Biology are centered here. Beyond that, the Charité University Hospital constitutes an internationally renowned centre for cancer research. This creates unique synergies between basic science and clinical application.

Max Planck institute for Infection Biology - Research in the area of infection biology requires the provision of suitable facilities and the application of ultra-modern technologies. The Foundation thus supports the integration of qualified scientists at this renowned institute.

Robert Koch Institute - With the erection of the new high security laboratory for research into highly dangerous pathogens (such as Ebola) and its long-standing central role in our health care system, the collaboration with the Robert Koch Institute opens up ideal possibilities for collaborations, particularly in the areas of highly dangerous and multi-resistant pathogens.

Charité University Medicine - The success of biomedical research depends to a great extent on close interconnectivity with clinical teams. Berlin fulfills this prerequisite due to the numerous clinical focal areas of the Charité. Promoting the collaboration with the neighbouring research centre of this central clinical institution is thus a high priority for the Foundation Focus Biomed.

Research Institute for Molecular Pharmacology - The transfer of basic scientific insights towards application depends to a great degree on the identification and optimization of pharmacologically active compounds. With its specialized research areas, particularly in the area of drug development, this Institute represents an important partner for reaching the goals of the Foundation.